Robert Hyde Denies Stalking Yovanovitch in Bonkers, Expletive-Filled Interview: ‘I’m a Little Landscaper From F*cking Connecticut!’


Robert Hyde lashed out at Lev Parnas in a bizarre, rambling, and expletive-filled interview with Sinclair TV’s Eric Bolling, denying that he participated in a surveillance campaign of then-US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

During the five-minute phone interview, Hyde was at times evasive and incredibly vague when directly asked about the latest bombshell claims — based on a tranche of notes and texts released by Parnas — that implicated him in participating in a shadow foreign policy campaign in Ukraine.

Bolling began the interview by pressing Hyde to explain his relationship to Parnas, which involved sending a large volume of WhatsApp messages, a fact that Hyde never tried to refute.

“You know, we had a few pops way back when I used to drink,” Hyde said, before switching gears into deflection: “Kind of unfortunate that the left had to get their panties in a bunch.”

Bolling, however, pointed out that this isn’t a matter of partisan messaging. He then read one of Hyde’s alleged messages where he claimed to have “a person inside” the embassy watching Yovanovitch, which Bolling called some “hefty accusations.”

“That was just colorful, I thought we were playing,” Hyde responded. “I didn’t know he was so serious,” Hyde added.

“Did you have eyes on Marie Yovanovitch?” Bolling asked.

“Absolutely not, are you kidding me?! I’m a little landscaper from f****g Connecticut, excuse my language” Hyde shot back. “Come on, you know me, Eric.”

Hyde then called for a release of all of Parnas’ texts and cryptically said the left would be “offended” by what hadn’t been made public. Hyde followed that up with a tangent that accused the Democrats of not caring about the “opiate crisis” or the “Iranian protestors” before implying — in a viciously false non-sequitur — that the release of House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s private texts might reveal he is a pedophile.

Trying mightily to reel Hyde back in to the interview, Bolling said, as Hyde let loose another expletive: “Hold on, hold on, you’re going down a rabbit hole, Rob.”

“Lev Parnas has no credibility!” Hyde protested. “Why don’t you call on him? Is he not allowed to talk to you?”

“Good point, will call Lev right after this call,” Bolling said, as the absurdity of the interview caused him to start to chuckle. “Yeah, call Lev Parnas, why you calling me? He’s hanging out with Adam f****g, I mean, are you serious?”

At that last expletive, Bolling grimaced but gave in, letting Hyde ramble on Democrats politics — he is currently running for Congress in Connecticut — for a full minute before finally breaking in and wrapping up the interview. As he did, Bolling leaned back and began to laugh at the train wreck his viewers just witnessed.

Watch the video above, via Sinclair TV.

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