Rudy Giuliani Claims George Soros Personally Chased Him and Tried to Stop His Plane From Taking Off During Ukraine Trip


Former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani told a fantastical tale that he was personally chased by progressive mega-donor George Soros during his infamous journey to Ukraine.

Giuliani spoke with Trump 2024 campaign attorney Christina Bobb in a recent conversation streamed on Gettr.

The former New York City mayor, whose law license was suspended over his promotion of Trump’s election lies, told Bobb “I almost got arrested, almost got killed” when Soros personally chased after him when he visited Ukraine in 2019:

Soros tried to figure out how we were leaving, to cut off — we got a private plane, he was gonna cut it off. We were originally on a plane the next morning, we knew they were gonna cause trouble at the airport. They were gonna cause trouble with our visa, cause trouble with this, cause trouble with that. So we rented a private plane that night, but we didn’t realize he controls the private airport, and he found out we rented the plane, but he couldn’t get there in time.

This led to Giuliani’s claim that Soros, himself, was in a car that literally drove onto the tarmac and tried to chase down the plane before it took off.

“They tried to stop us,” Giuliani said. “They tried to come out on the jetway.”

Giuliani did not explain why Soros, a billionaire businessman, personally tried to stop him from leaving Ukraine.

This wouldn’t be the first time Giuliani claims that tie into the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Soros’ influence. Of course, Giuliani has been under public scrutiny for years over the role he played in the Trump-Ukraine scandal that led to the first attempt to impeach the former president.

Years ago, Giuliani flew to Ukraine to meet with former officials in the country, including ex-prosecutors Yuriy Lutsenko and prosecutor general Viktor Shokin. Giuliani contacted both as he sought dirt to use against Democrats while Trump was threatening to withhold Congressionally-approved aid to Ukraine unless the country announced an investigation into President Joe Biden’s family.

Biden led international calls for Shokin to be removed years ago for obstructed the implementation of anti-corruption endeavors in Ukraine. Trump and his allies claimed Biden did that to protect his son Hunter from scrutiny over his work with Burisma, though they ignored accusations of Shokin’s corruption, plus the indications that he actually hindered potential probes on Burisma.

Lutsenko was implicated in the scandal years ago for trying to help Giuliani find dirt on Biden, plus he was central to the smear campaign against against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Giuliani and Lutsenko worked in tandem to undermine Yovanovitch, the former once saying “I needed [her] out of the way” to enable his anti-Biden effort.

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