Rush Limbaugh Calls George Floyd Killing ‘Sickening,’ Slams Officers Who Did Not Intervene: ‘How Stupid Can You Be?’


Rush Limbaugh on Monday called George Floyd’s murder “sickening,” and said the “suffering” associated with his death prompted him to reach out to a left-leaning talk radio host for a special pre-recorded discussion.

“George didn’t lose his life. It was taken from him,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “He was murdered for no possible, explicable, justifiable reason. It was just sickening, sickening to watch. And you look at the face of the cop involved in the video, and the three who stood around and weren’t doing anything, and you just wonder, how stupid can you be? Do you not realize what you’re doing?”

Limbaugh said that uprisings associated with his death came at a bad time for the country, and that he had been inspired to contact Charlamagne tha God to engage in a pre-recorded segment on race issues.

“We all only get this one life. You don’t get it back. You don’t get a do-over,” Limbaugh said. “The sanctity of life is something that’s, to me, the most special thing about God’s universe. And you just see poor George Floyd’s life snuffed out, and the suffering at the time that was going on. So I decided … I wanted to do something I haven’t done. That was reach out and cross over and actually talk to people who are intrinsically going to disagree with me about 99 percent of everything on race matters, political matters and so forth.

“I asked around and said look, if I want to reach the African American community … who should I talk to? They kept coming back to me, ‘You need to see if you can talk to the people on The Breakfast Club.’ So we reached out and they agreed to it.”

Charlamagne hosts The Breakfast Club, a syndicated progressive radio show that airs in more than 90 markets around the United States. The conservative Limbaugh, who airs in about 650 markets, received the presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump in February, shortly after announcing that he was suffering from a severe form of lung cancer.

Limbaugh added that some of his listeners might not agree with his decision to speak with Charlamagne, but that he thought it was worth it. “I know full well race relations, police, inequality, [are] gigantic topics, and they can’t be handled in one conversation. Nothing can be solved in one conversation. I know that our fundamental values and the majority of what we believe in this audience can’t be completely conveyed in one conversation.

“I wanted to speak to the people on The Breakfast Club because I thought it would be an interesting challenge,” he added. “It might pay off. It might be beneficial. It was like my troop visit to Afghanistan in the early 2000s. I wanted to do it simply because I wanted to express my love and admiration, support, for the U.S. military. And I got friendly fire, enemy fire. I faced all kinds of people on that tour. But it was worth doing from my standpoint.”

Listen above via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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