YUGE! Republican Party Tweets Clip of Embarrassingly Tiny Anti-Impeachment Protest

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The Republican National Committee tried to show support for President Donald Trump by tweeting video of an anti-impeachment protest in Youngstown, Ohio. Let’s see how they did.

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to approve two articles of impeachment against Trump, which did not sit well with the RNC. The official party twitter account posted video of an anti-impeachment protest outside the office of Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan, along with a message about how Ohioans feel about removing Trump.

“Ohioans are sick and tired of the Democrats’ impeachment charade,” they wrote, then switched to ALL CAPS to add “It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!”

Unfortunately, the local news clip they posted was decidedly lower-case. Local CBS station WKBN’s description of the gathering said it all.

And happening right now, a protest against impeachment. You’re looking live at Federal Street in downtown Youngstown, where demonstrators have gathered in front of Congressman Tim Ryan’s local office.

We are told members of a group calling themselves Trump Victory are demanding Ohio Democrats in Congress, like Ryan, vote against impeachment, which these folks are calling a sham.

There are about 12 people here right now. At one time there were closer to two dozen. The congressman has been saying all along, and reiterated for us this morning, his vote will be a yes when the articles for impeachment come up for a vote by the full House next week.

In fairness, though, you can make out a 13th guy way in the back peering at the news cameras who may have been part of the protest, and a 14th person wanders into the frame as well. Perhaps they should call themselves Slightly More Than a Softball Team for Trump.

Watch the clip above via WKBN.

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