Scaramucci Says Trump Should Be Replaced on GOP Ticket: His Dividing the Country is ‘Pernicious Evil’


Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN New Day and explained comments he made that suggested the Republican party may need to look for a new candidate.  “A couple more weeks like this and ‘country over party’ is going to require the Republicans to replace the top of the ticket in 2020,” he told Axios comparing President Donald Trump to the nuclear meltdown disaster Chernobyl.

Anchor John Berman asked plainly “Are you calling for a change at the top of the Republican ticket?”

Scarammucci answered “Well, I’m calling for it to be considered, yes. I think you have to consider a change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this.” He then explained that, in his esteem, “the racially charged comments, the divisive tweeting, the nonsense coming from the president is not helping the country.”

Scaramucci first called for the Republican party to reconsider the top of the 2020 ticket in a weekend interview with Axios. Since then he’s claimed to have received support from unlikely sources. Scarammuci said to Berman ” The overwhelming flood of texts, phone conversations, and support last night from people that are actually inside the White House, up on Capitol Hill, former elected officials, current people in positions of power, current elected officials is truly staggering.” When pressed to name names, Scaramucci decline.

Later in the marathon interview, Berman asked his guest to explain his use of the term “evil” in previous texts to describe Trump’s style. Scaramucci replied:

There’s a pernicious evil in trying to divide the country. So at the end of the day, you know, I’m really a very big-time programmatic person when I step back and look at where we are as a nation, we could be doing so much better than we’re doing right now. We wake up in the morning. We’re like, okay. What’s he going to do now? What’s he going to say? How’s he going to say it? And in the beginning, it was sort of entertaining. And you were like, there’s the real change needed in Washington. So hopefully this will provide some level of disruption. But what is this all about? Is this about the country? Is this about the individual? If it’s about the individual, that’s not really how the country got set up.

After serving less than two weeks as a White House Communications Director, Scaramucci has been a most loyal defender of the Trump administration, though, in recent months, his commentary has become more critical towards Trump’s rhetoric which has been criticized by many as xenophobic and/or racist.

Trump took issue with Scaramucci’s recent commentary in a weekend tweet thread:


After the CNN hit, Scaramucci clarified his position via Tweet:

Watch above via CNN.



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