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Scarborough Mocks GOP Who Used to ‘Freak Out’ When White House Interfered With DOJ: ‘Now Suddenly It’s Okay’

Joe Scarborough called out Republicans’ apparent double standard when it comes to White House interference with the Department of Justice Wednesday morning, on the day that followed President Donald Trump’s controversial pardoning or commuting of a number of individuals including Michael Milken, Rod Blagojevich, Bernard Kerik, and others.

Scarborough said, “This is Donald Trump numbing everybody to the future pardons of his co-conspirators, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort and maybe even Michael Flynn” before turning to a panel discussion of Trump’s “non-traditional” relationship with Attorney General William Barr.

Katy Kay followed by noting that “democracy is partly laws, but it’s also partly norms and traditions and a president not getting involved in judicial cases is a tradition,  it’s not a law. It’s not written down there that he can’t do that.” She then added “the weakness of the current democratic system is that it only “works if you have a president who accepts the norms and traditions”

On that note, Scarborough jump all over “Trumpian supporters on the ‘Trump right'” who need to go back and realize what they were saying “back in 1993 when the Clinton Administration got together with the Justice Department official to just put together a press release regarding travel-gate.”

“The meltdown and the freak out among Republicans on the right were extraordinary and you look what this guy is doing where he’s completely knocking down any wall of Independence between the department of justice and the White House, and now suddenly they’re mute. Now suddenly it’s okay,” Scarborough mocked.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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