Sen. Lee Shreds ‘Dimwitted’ Protesters Who Object to Civil War Memorials: ‘Drama Addicts Failed by Education System’


Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) took aim on Thursday at “dimwitted” protesters who object to historical monuments, especially Civil War memorials, saying they had been “failed” by the education system and and “addled” by social media.

Speaking in favor of a resolution he proposed condemning “mob violence,” Lee said, “You cannot really oppose this without being on the side of the mobs — of mob violence, of mob mentality, of cruelty and intolerance terror.”

“These mobs are not progressive,” Lee added. “These mobs are not enlightened. These mobs are not edgy. They’re not hip. They’re frauds. They’re dimwitted, phony drama addicts.”

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) interjected to cite Senate Rule 19, which prohibits senators from implying their colleagues have engaged in “unworthy or unbecoming” conduct. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was presiding over the chamber, responded that in his view Lee was simply “pointing out mob violence is dangerous.”

Lee doubled down after Menendez’s objection, saying protesters had been “failed” by the education system, “addled by a social media culture that taught them to be victims instead of citizens,” and a “privileged, self-absorbed crime syndicate with participation trophy graduate degrees … trying to find meaning in empty lives by destroying things that other Americans have spent honest, productive lives building.”

Lee’s resolution condemned the “destruction of public memorials to historical heroes like Ulysses S. Grant, St. Junipero Serra, Miguel Cervantes, George Washington, Hans Christian Heg, and a reported plan” to destroy a Washington, D.C. statue of former President Abraham Lincoln established in 1876. Menendez had proposed adding a line insinuating President Donald Trump incited acts of violence, but Lee objected, calling it “bat guano-inspired insanity.”

Watch above via the Senate.

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