Sen. Manchin Says He’ll Vote Against Dems on Ending Filibuster, Packing Court


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said he would oppose any effort by Democrats in a divided Senate to amend the legislative filibuster or pack the Supreme Court.

“I will not vote to pack the courts, and I will not vote to end the filibuster,” Manchin said in a Fox News interview with Bret Baier on Monday evening. “This Senate is the most unique body in the world. It was made to work together in a bipartisan way. Once you start breaking down those barriers, then you lose every reason that we are the institution that we are.

“I want to lay those fears to rest,” he added. “That will not happen, because I will not be the 50th Democrat voting to end the filibuster, or to basically stack the court.”

Presumptive President-Elect Joe Biden has refused to say whether he would support “packing” the Supreme Court by adding more justices, a measure sought by many progressives, and many Democrats — including former President Barack Obama — have called for ending the legislative filibuster, which allows senators to block legislation unless 60 members agree to move forward. Ending the filibuster — and changing the structure of the Supreme Court — would require Senate Democrats to muster up 51 votes.

Republicans are likely to hold a minimum of 49 Senate seats in the coming legislative session. However, they may hold as many as 51 pending the results of a January 5 run-off election in Georgia, where incumbent Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are on the ballot.

“It should take a minimum of 60,” Manchin added. “And that means you’re going to have to have a few Democrats and Republicans, depending on who’s in the majority, to work together. That’s what we’re all about. Why would you break that down? Then there’s no need to have the Senate.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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