So Much For ‘Lock Her Up’? Sean Hannity Now Slams Threats to Imprison Political Opponents: ‘Beyond Despicable’


In his “Big Picture” segment, Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity blasted Congressional Democrats for pursuing impeachment and singled out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her recent, private comments that she wanted to see President Donald Trump imprisoned after he leaves office.

“She wants a political opponent locked up in prison,” Hannity said in apparent disbelief. “That happens in Banana Republics, it’s beyond despicable behavior. They would turn the USA into a country we no longer recognize.”

Hannity went on to rail against the Democrats, saying they were ignoring key issues as part of a vendetta against Trump. “They focus on one thing and one thing only. That’s their rage. Their obsession. Donald Trump the president lives in their heads 24/7.”

Hannity’s outrage over the criminalization of politics strains credulity, to say the least. The president’s 2016 campaign notoriously made “lock her up” — a direct threat to imprison Hillary Clinton — one of its signature rallying cries. Relatedly, a transcript search of Fox News for just the past 12 months finds that Hillary Clinton’s name has been mentioned at least once on more than 240 of Hannity’s shows, or nearly every single broadcast (some of which were reruns). During this same period, Hannity offered up no public criticism of “lock her up.”

In fact, back in March, after the Barr summary of the Mueller report came out, Hannity took a decidedly unbothered approach to the phrase during a long, exclusive interview with Trump. In it, he blithely referred to the many campaign crowd chants for imprisoning Hillary Clinton —which Trump routinely encouraged and joined — but did not see fit to call out that rhetoric as “beyond despicable” and instead merely asked if Trump still agreed with that sentiment (18:35 mark in video below).

“You, after the election, I remember and I was a little surprised because I know that a lot of the crowds — you had a lot of big crowds, chanted “lock her up” on Hillary. And, after the election, you said, ‘Let’s move on.  Do you feel that way today?'” Hannity asked. Even after Trump acknowledged that his Election Night crowds shouted the phrase when it became clear he would win, Hannity offered no pushback about its potential threat to the rule of law and the Constitution.

In addition, during Hannity’s segment on Thursday night, he notably chose not to revisit that question from three months ago and never mentioned the untold number of “lock her up” chants that have appeared on his network in the past three years, courtesy of the president.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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