Ted Lieu Dismisses Trump WH Gambit to to Block Lewandowski Testimony: ‘They’re Just Making Stuff Up’


Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu took dead aim at the trial balloon the Trump White House has floated about asserting executive privilege over the testimony of Corey Lewandowski, even though the former campaign aide never worked at the White House: “They’re just making stuff up. They would have no basis to do that.”

Earlier in the day, news broke that the House Judiciary Committee, ramping up its impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, has issued subpoenas to compel two former 2016 Trump campaign aides, Lewandowski and Rick Dearborn, to appear before it. On CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf BlitzerLieu’s pointedly dismissed any attempts by the administration to block their testimony via the same executive privilege claims it has used for figures like former White House counsel Don McGahn and ex-White House communications chief Hope Hicks.

“Does the White House have any basis to invoke executive privilege over Corey Lewandowski, who never worked in the White House?” Blitzer asked Lieu.

“They’re just making stuff up. They would have no basis to do that,” Lieu asserted.”The irony, really, is that [Attorney General] Bill Barr has this view of an imperial presidency, but because he’s making really stupid legal arguments, he keeps losing in court, he’s going to end up shrinking the powers of the president, because his courts are all going to rule against him.”

Lieu reiterated that his committee is specifically interested in questioning Lewandowski about a possible obstruction of justice charge in the Mueller report, where the president reportedly asked him to fire then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Trump’s behalf in an effort to quash the Special Counsel investigation.

“I look forward to him testifying before the House Judiciary Committee,” Lieu said. “I had the opportunity to question Robert Mueller on this exact incident involving Corey Lewandowski. He was instructed by Donald Trump to tell Jeff Sessions to stop the investigation into Donald Trump and to focus it only on future elections. And Robert Mueller essentially confirmed all three elements of obstruction of justice were met during that incident.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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