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The Five Hosts Get Heated Over Media Coverage of Drowned Migrants: ‘You Don’t Tell The Truth!’

Hosts of Fox News’ The Five got into a heated argument over the media’s use of a photo of a father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the U.S-Mexico border.

“I find the way the media is using this latest photo to be disgusting. I can’t — I mean we know the picture sells a story but using it to sell a political agenda and they should be ashamed of it,” Greg Gutfield said.

“Now it’s a crisis and I think the Democrats one of the reasons they went down and got those pictures taken is because they knew the story was about to turn on them,” Dana Perino said.

Then the segment devolved into chaos as it was ending.

“The picture that you dismissed is very real,” Juan Williams said to Gutfield. “Those people are dead.”

“I didn’t dismiss it. I dismissed your hypocrisy over it,” Gutfield said, then throwing to commercial.

“Oh that’s it then, stop the discussion.” Williams asked.

“It’s not a discussion when you stop making sense,” Gutfield retorted.

“It is because you don’t tell the truth,” Williams said.

Gutfield moved on to preview another segment to talk about the upcoming Democratic debates before the show went to commercial.

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