The Five Battles Juan Williams For Saying ‘It’s a Fact’ That Trump is Racist: ‘THAT’S AN OPINION!’


The other hosts of Fox News’ The Five battled their colleague, Juan Williams, after he said “it’s a fact” that President Donald Trump is a racist.

Critiquing the CNN Democratic debate, which included a question to the candidates by Don Lemon that matter-of-factly asserted Trump is “stoking racism,” Brian Kilmeade said he felt that language was biased and should be disqualifying to be a moderator. Other Fox News pundits have also criticized CNN’s moderators, and called out Lemon specifically, for asking questions that were “blatantly from the left.”

Williams, however, shot back: “Let me tell you, it’s a fact [that Trump is racist]. It’s a fact. It is a fact.”

Kilmeade protested “But he’s not!” while Greg Gutfeld proceeded to shout over Williams for the next minute as the latter tried to make his point.

“IT’S AN OPINION! … THAT’S AN OPINION! That’s an opinion, Juan!” Gutfeld repeated, before mugging for the camera and saying: “I can keep saying it, he won’t listen.”

“Not only is it a fact, most Americans, 51% of Americans in a Quinnipiac poll…” Williams began, trying to force through the verbal smokescreen a reference to a recent Quinnipiac poll that found a slight majority of the country — 51% — said Donald Trump was “racist.”

“They don’t say that about John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, Jack Kemp,” Williams added, listing several former Republican presidential nominees. “In fact, George Wallace, George Wallace, in ’68, was not viewed as a racist by most people.”

“You just cited a poll as a fact!” Gutfeld continued.

“If I’m the moderator, If I’m Don Lemon, and I say most Americans think [Trump] is a racist, you guys would say ‘That’s an opinion!” This is crazy!” Williams pointed out.

“Ok, we’re crazy,” Gutfeld responded. “We’re crazy, because we know an opinion when we see one.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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