Trevor Noah Goes Off on Phoenix Police Who Threatened to Shoot Family: ‘Everything About That Video is Wrong’


Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah took a more serious turn on Monday night to express outrage over recent cell phone video footage of several Phoenix police officers angrily shouting obscenities and threatening to shoot an African-American family after their four-year-old daughter accidentally shoplifted a Barbie doll.

“Sweet Jesus,” Noah exclaimed after rolling a clip of police officers warning the girl’s 22-year-old pregnant mother that they would “bust a cap right in your head” if she didn’t quickly exit her car. “What happened to ‘protect and serve?’ I’m sorry, everything about that video is wrong. All right, not only is the cop screaming like the woman is the one pointing a gun at him, but he’s talking about ‘busting caps’ like he’s a lost member of NWA?!”

Several bystanders who witnessed the scene as it unfolded began videotaping the police and can be heard audibly urging the out-of-control cops to calm down.

“This is ridiculous,” Noah commented. “How do civilians know how to better act like police than the police know how to act like police? How? Because this guy’s next to the car, holding his phone, but instead of panicking, he’s trying to calm things down. He’s even using the language cops are supposed to be thinking about: ‘Guys, let’s defuse the situation.'”

Noah pointed out that Phoenix has become “notorious for how bad its police force is,” having led the nation last year in officer shootings with 44. He also pointed out how the scene captured on video from May 29th radically contradicted how the incident was later portrayed in police reports. The mayor has since apologized for the dangerously aggressive police response, while the family has sued the city for $10 million.

“What’s troubling about this is it makes you wonder how many people have been arrested and put in jail because everyone assumes the police version of the events is always the truth,” Noah said. “As harrowing as this was, this family was one of the lucky ones, because no one was shot and calm bystanders recorded the entire thing to back them up, which won’t help erase what happened to them, but it will help that little girl buy a shitload of those dolls.”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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