Trevor Noah Mocks Hannity’s Call for Armed Guards ‘In Every Hall of Every Mall’: ‘Bleakest Dr. Seuss Book Ever’


The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah mocked Sean Hannity’s call to put armed guards on “every floor of every school” and “every hall of every mall” in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton massacres: “That sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever.”

In his at-times silly, at-times serious rebuttal, Noah pointed out that there were armed guards at the Parkland High School and Las Vegas country music concert, and dozens of people were still killed by mass shooters at those locations. And he noted that Dayton police officers responded to this past weekend’s attack almost immediately, killing the perpetrator in less than 30 seconds. Still, he noted nine people had been killed in the short amount of time.

Putting an armed guard on “on every floor of every school” and “in every hall of every mall” still wouldn’t solve the problem, then, Noah noted. Plus: “That sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever.”

Showing a mock-up cover of a Dr. Seuss book entitled: “Oh, the Places with Guns!” with Hannity’s head atop the cartoon character, Noah offered up some possible couplets skewering the Fox News host’s proclivity for a gun-saturated country.

“‘In every hall of every mall, on every door and every floor!

We need a guard in every room, or we’ll end up in the tomb!'”

“I don’t think people think about this the right way,” Noah explained. “Hannity mentions schools and malls, but as we’ve seen, mass shootings can happen anywhere. So, are you going to put an armed guard in every Wal-Mart, every movie theater, every synagogue, every mosque, every church, every office building, every bar, every nightclub, every concert, every Garlic festival?”

“For me the strangest part of this argument is this,” Noah continued. “Hannity and Fox News talk everyday about protecting American freedoms. But if everyone in American is forced live in a world of perimeter fences, metal detectors, and armed guards in every hall, then it starts to feel like society is living in prison and the only thing that’s free is the gun.”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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