Trump Brags About Poll From Conservative PAC That Shows Him Leading in PA — But Getting Crushed By Biden in MI and WI

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President Donald Trump kicked off his Memorial Day weekend by boasting about a poll from a conservative PAC that shows him leading former Vice President Joe Biden in Pennsylvania — but trailing badly in Wisconsin and Michigan.

On Saturday morning, Trump retweeted a link to the poll — conducted for Republican-leaning Restoration PAC by Hodas & Associates — and wrote “President Trump is leading Joe Biden (D) in the battleground state of Pennsylvania 50.2 percent to 45.5 percent…This is significant, as it reflects a 4.7 percent jump from the previous survey.”

Trump added “Sleepy Joe cannot bring us to greatness. He is the reason I’m here!”

But the same poll found Biden crushing Trump by about nine points in Wisconsin and Michigan, with Trump losing about 3 points in both states since the last time the poll was conducted.

The fact that Trump appears to have gained ground in Pennsylvania in the same poll shouldn’t be ignored, but the pollsters themselves noted that this could be a function of the poll’s timing, as it coincided with an improvement in Trump’s national approval ratings:

“Because they are roughly similar demographically, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have performed vaguely in lockstep in previous polls. There seems to be a convergence in these polls between results in Pennsylvania and those in Michigan and Wisconsin. Nationally, President Trump has surged a bit nationally in other polls and that might explain the Pennsylvania result. It will be interesting going forward to see if that divergence is cemented or whether the time frame of the polling might have played a stronger role in the differences.”

But since that poll was taken, a pair of more recent national polls — including one from Fox News that drew Trump’s attention — have shown that national surge has cratered as the death toll from the pandemic nears 100,000.

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