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Trump Calls Out ‘Democrat Establishment’ On Super Tuesday: ‘Perfect Storm’ for Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump took a victory lap while pointing out the divisions within the Democratic party billing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as “selfish” to stay in the race.

In a couple of posts on Twitter, Trump appeared to sow divisions in his rival party by amplifying frustrations over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) ostensibly unfair treatment by the more moderate portion of the Democratic party.

Trump tweeted his analysis Wednesday morning, which blasted the “Democrat establishment” that set its sights on sinking Sanders and backing former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN! Even the fact that Elizabeth Warren stayed in the race was devastating to Bernie and allowed Sleepy Joe to unthinkably win Massachusetts. It was a perfect storm, with many good states remaining for Joe!” Trump stated.

The commander-in-chief’s line of reasoning continued to include that Warren was  “selfish” to stay in the race, which hurt Sander’s ability to challenge Biden’s stronghold on delegates.

Trump even floated that Sanders should no longer speak with Warren, who have been longtime friends with similar progressive policy visions and hail from the upper chamber.

“So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race. She has Zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly. So much for their wonderful liberal friendship. Will he ever speak to her again? She cost him Massachusetts (and came in third), he shouldn’t!” Trump riffed on Twitter.

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