Trump Fans Outside Rally Say They’ll Vote For Trump ‘If He’s In Prison’ — And Trump Should Go on Mt. Rushmore


Fans outside Trump’s South Dakota rally told Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) hosts they’d vote for ex-President Donald Trump even if he’s in prison — and that he should be added to Mount Rushmore.

Trump gave a speech in Rapid City, South Dakota on Friday night, but fans lined up for hours beforehand, and RSBN host Matthew Alvarez and co-host Vanessa Broussard were there to interview Trump fans waiting in line — as is their habit.

Among the many over-the-top scenes from outside the rally — many of which were flagged by Ron Filipkowski — were a few standouts.

One particularly loose attendee gushed to Broussard that he couldn’t wait to vote for Trump — even if he’s in  prison:

VANESSA BROUSSARD: I’m going to interview you. How? What’s your name?

TRUMPTASTIC: Hey. I’m great tonight!

VANESSA BROUSSARD: You know, some people say it’s Trumptastic. Are you Trump tastic?

TRUMPTASTIC: I am Trumptastic! I tell you what, the next president of the United States!

VANESSA BROUSSARD: Your hat says, I stand with Trump.

TRUMPTASTIC: You bet I do. I’d vote for that guy if he’s in prison…


TRUMPTASTIC: Where he, where he’s at. I’ll vote for that guy.

VANESSA BROUSSARD: You and me both! So there’s two votes right there, no matter what, right?


Another woman told Broussard that Trump should be added to Mt. Rushmore — and Broussard said many others told her the same thing:

VANESSA BROUSSARD: So this is my first time here. It’s gorgeous. I went to Mount Rushmore last night, and then we had to go, of course, see all of the president statues in downtown. I love it here.

RHONDA: We need Trump at Mount Rushmore.

VANESSA BROUSSARD: You’re not the first one that has told me that.

RHONDA: We tried to get tickets when he was here in 2020, but we couldn’t get tickets.

VANESSA BROUSSARD: You’re probably, since I’ve been here, just maybe an hour, probably the 10th person who has told me that. So maybe you should start a campaign to get President Trump on Mount Rushmore.

RHONDA: I think that’s a great idea.

Yet another attendee broke down crying as she waxed dramatic about the need for Trump and Jesus to save America.

Watch above via RSBN.

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