Trump Fires Back at Sen. Graham Suggesting POTUS ‘Weakness’ on Iran: ‘No Lindsey, It Was a Sign of Strength’

Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham

President Donald Trump fired back at Sen. Lindsey Graham after the latter suggested the president showed “weakness” toward Iran for not responding more forcefully when Iran shot down a US surveillance drone in June.

Graham made his comment on Twitter after receiving a briefing from Vice President Mike Pence on the recent, devastating attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq oil facility, which the administration is claiming was carried out by Iran. The South Carolina Republican, a notorious war hawk and advocate for regime change in Iran, was clearly implying that Iran had been emboldened by Trump’s inaction three months ago.

Trump, who just last week pushed out National Security Advisor John Bolton reportedly over the latter’s unwillingness to compromise on Iran sanctions, quickly reacted to Graham’s foreign policy criticism from the right.

Tweeting back, Trump claimed that his lack of response three months ago was actually a “sign of strength that some people just don’t understand.”

Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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