Trump Launches Latest Coronavirus Briefing With Bragging, Complaints: ‘We’re Gonna Win’


President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Saturday, with what has become a regular occurrence for his remarks at the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings: a mixture of bragging about his administration’s accomplishments, along with a Festivus-style airing of grievances.

Trump began his comments saying that there were signs that the coronavirus pandemic had passed its peak, noting that Dr. Deborah Birx would go over some data points later in the briefing, and expressing confidence that these were “very positive trends for winning — we’re gonna win.”

“On a per capita basis, our mortality rate is far lower than other nations of Western Europe, with the lone exception of possibly Germany,” said Trump.

“Spain, for example, has a mortality rate that is nearly four times that of the United States,” he continued.

But you don’t hear that, you hear we have more death. But we’re a much bigger country than any of those countries, by far. So when the fake news gets out there and they start talking about the United States is number one, we’re not number one. China’s number one, just so you understand. China’s number one by a lot. It’s not even close. They’re way ahead of us in terms of death. It’s not even close. You know it. I know it. They know it. But you don’t want to report it. Why? You’ll have to explain that. Some day I’ll explain it.”

Trump continued, bragging about the “unprecedented actions” his administration had taken to send economic relief to Americans, as well as needed medical supplies like ventilators. 

“As an example, you don’t hear anymore about ventilators. What happened to the ventilators?” asked Trump, who also touted the “tremendous capacity” in testing they had made possible.

“It’s called testing, testing. But they don’t want to use all of the capacity that we’ve created. We have tremendous capacity. Dr. Birx will be explaining that. They know that. The governors know that. The Democrat governors know that. They’re the ones that are complaining.”

Later in the briefing, Trump directly went after the Democratic governors again, claiming their critiques of his response to the pandemic were merely partisan “witch hunts,” and made other bizarre claims, suggesting that if he had not been elected, America would be at war with North Korea, as well as conjecturing that China may have deliberately released the coronavirus.

Watch the video clip above, via C-SPAN.


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