‘Trump Might Be Black After All!’ Former Fox/CNN Reporter Ed Henry Cracks Up Diner Crowd With ‘Black Gentleman’s’ Tweet


Former Fox News and CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry cracked up a diner crowd for his new employer when he read out a joke suggesting that former President Donald Trump “might be Black after all!”

During a Friday afternoon Happy Hour Special on Real America’s Voice with Henry and Karyn Turk, Henry — who used to banter with presidents and White House press secretaries every day of the week from the front row of the White House press corps — showed off the fruits of his experience.

Henry began by cheerleading for Trump against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels — and somehow connected that with a tweet that he read aloud for the crowd at Paulie’s restaurant in Florida, first noting it was from a “Black gentleman” because the joke promoted several racial stereotypes.

The crowd, as well as the hosts, got a big kick out of the joke, after which Henry shouted excited praise for Trump’s rolling meltdown over his potential arrest:

ED HENRY: Now, I don’t want to miss this because we’ve been trying from here to follow what’s going on with the investigation with Donald J. Trump. And it looks like the Manhattan D.A., they take Fridays off anyway, but Wednesday, Wednesday, Thursday, they cry uncle because all of a sudden that witness blew up the whole investigation. Exculpatory evidence for Donald Trump.

And this guy, Patriot J put this on Twitter. I don’t know if you saw it. I thought we’d start this happy hour with a fun moment. He wrote, he’s a Black gentleman, “Donald Trump has a multiple baby mommas, is on the brink of going to jail, and has the number one song on the Billboard charts. He might just be Black after all! That’s what he said.

KARYN TURK: That’s pretty good. That’s pretty funny.

ED HENRY: Think about that. He does have the number one song on the Billboard charts!

KARYN TURK: He does it’s incredible! And you know what? Him coming out and saying they were going to arrest him was truly genius. A lot of people think he plays 3D chess.


KARYN TURK: Totally blew it up.

ED HENRY: And they’ll still try to get him. No doubt. There’s multiple investigates. We’re going to talk about that with these Patriots. But! Granny with a gun, we honored her at breakfast. We’ll continue honoring her. Her 80th birthday! Granny with a gun is in the house!

Watch above via Real America’s Voice.

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