comScore Trump: Firing Robert Mueller Would Make Me Richard Nixon

Trump Says He Decided Not to Fire Mueller Because He Didn’t Want to Look Like Nixon

President Donald Trump contended he was never going to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and says he believes people would have compared him to Richard Nixon if he did so.

“I wasn’t going to fire him. You know why? Because I watched Richard Nixon firing everybody and that didn’t work out too well,” Trump said.

The comment was shown on ABC’s This Week via a newly-released clip of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Trump airing Sunday evening.

In the segment, although Trump stressed he didn’t want to fire Mueller he emphasized he could have under current law, specifically bringing up Article 2 of the Constitution at multiple points.

“Article 2 outlines the powers of the presidency. The president’s defenders say he can’t commit obstruction of justice while exercising those powers,” Stephanopoulos explained.

“Article 2 allows me to do whatever I want,” Trump argued.

Stephanopoulos asked if this meant “when the president does it, it’s not illegal?” Trump hedged, saying “a president under Article 2, it’s very strong.”

During the segment, Trump also seemed to suggest former White House counsel Don McGahn lied under oath by contradicting his testimony that Trump told him to fire the special counsel.

Watch above via ABC News

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