WATCH: Trump Tells Kim Jong Un ‘It’s My Honor’ To Meet Him at Border, Steps Into North Korea

President Donald Trump told North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un “It’s my honor” when the two met in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), then became the first sitting president to enter North Korea by stepping over the border into Kim’s territory.

On Sunday morning, The White House posted a video of the historic meeting. As Kim approached the border, Trump said, “My friend,” and shook Kim’s hand.

“Good to see you again,” Kim said, through a translator. “I never expected to meet you at this place.”

“That’s good. It’s my honor,” Trump said, and asked, “Would you like me to step across?”

As Kim noted Trump would be the first U.S. president to do so, Trump said, “I’m okay with it, I would be very proud. I’ll be very proud to do that. Okay, let’s do it.”

With that, he stepped over the border and into North Korea.

Trump invited Kim to the photo op last week via tweet, for a meeting that was supposed to be, “Just a quick hello.”

But the meeting lasted for more than an hour, during which Trump invited Kim for an unprecedented meeting at The White House.

Watch live coverage of the meeting above, via NBC News.

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