Trump Touts FDA Approval of New 5-Minute Coronavirus Test: ‘A Whole New Ballgame’

At Sunday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing at the White House, President Donald Trump announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved a new test for COVID-19 that could provide results in “as little as five minutes.”

Trump began his remarks noting that they had moved the briefings outside to the Rose Garden, so as to allow the members of the White House Press Corps to space themselves further apart: “Beautiful day in the Rose Garden. Tremendous distance between chairs. Social distancing. You practice it very well. We appreciate it.”

The president said that the new coronavirus test had been developed by Abbott Labs and “delivers lightning fast results in as little as five minutes,” calling it “a whole new ball game” in the efforts to contain this pandemic.

Trump continued, praising Abbott Labs for their “incredible work,” “working around the clock” to develop this test and get it through the FDA approval process. Normally, said Trump, the FDA process would take “ten months and even longer,” but they had been able to complete it in just four weeks.

According to Trump, Abbott Labs will be begin delivering 50,000 tests each day, starting this week.

“The deployment of rapid testing will vastly accelerate our ability to monitor, track, contain, and ultimately defeat the virus,” said Trump, repeating “We will defeat the virus.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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