Trump Tweeted Twitter Should Bring Back Banned ‘Conservative Voices’ and It Didn’t Go Well: ‘He’s Referring to White Supremacists’


Trump shrugging and Twitter in background

President Trump was keeping people on Twitter lit up all morning on Sunday, rampaging against the New York Times, tweeting about former President Barack Obama, and getting set on fire by an enraged staffer spouse.

In this case, it was for his brining up the very hot and triggering topic of people being banned on social media, people who he referred to as “Conservative Voices” that should be brought back.

Obviously, like most of the Twitter morning, it didn’t go well. The primary blue checkmark response was about identifying which actual folks were banned.

But that wasn’t the only kind of response. Naturally, hypocrisy featured prominently as a critique.

A lot of lawyering, armchair and otherwise, on exactly what constitutes a free speech issue…

With some dispute on that point.

And so much more. The inevitable capitalization question…

… the added layer tweet…

… meme references (if a bit strained)…

… and even a gamergate reference.

Oh, and of course a promo for some other site because advertising.

In labeling all the banned as Conservative Voices™, Trump was somewhat an echo of a story that itself sparked a big controversy, when the Washington Post labeled Louis Farrakhan as a right winger after he was banned from Twitter.

Strange days. Social media is always strange days.

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