Tucker Carlson Equates Corporate Donations to Black Lives Matter With Funding Riots: ‘Tired After a Long Day of Looting? Try Pepsi’


Tucker Carlson unleashed a furious condemnation of corporations making common cause with the Black Lives Matter movement, and crudely equated donations to the group with funding riots and looting.

“We’ve heard this a lot recently: ‘A riot is the voice of the unheard.’ You are hearing that message from virtually every American corporation right now, every university, every major media outlet,” the Fox News host said to start his segment on Thursday night. “The rioters burning down your city with the support of virtually everyone richer than you, are ‘unheard’, you, by contrast, are the oppressor and if you disagree in any way, we are going to fire you and wreck your life.”

“But corporations aren’t simply tweeting their support for the riots,” Carlson added, before directly conflating donations to the anti-police brutally movement with directly funding vandalism and looting. “Recently, the CEO of Cisco announced his company is donating $5 million to the Black Lives Matter foundation. Airbnb is donating half a million dollars, so is Dropbox. Video game make Ubisoft is giving $100,000. Intel has pledged a million dollars to assorted antiracism groups and is pressuring its employees to donate more of their money to the foundation, the Black Lives Matter Foundation.”

“And then there’s Pepsi. Pepsi is donating too,” Carlson said, before breaking into a mock ad jingle: “‘This revolution has been brought to you by your Pepsico bottler.’ ‘Tired after a long day of looting? Try Pepsi.'”

“Now what exactly does the Black Lives Matter Foundation believe?” Carlson went on. “Less than a week ago, the group launched a petition to defund all police departments nationwide. The groups cofounder says we should abolish all prisons. So does Intel want 1.7 million felons released onto America’s streets, all 700,000 cops fired tomorrow? It’s not clear what they want. But they are paying for that. They think they can look good for the mob by funding the cause. Who knows what they want, but they are responsible for this.”

Moments later, Carlson attacked the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, for blaming unrest and violence on the police, which was the genesis of the protests around the alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. “The NAACP fund is also promoting bail funds, those get violent rioters out of jail immediately,” Carlson ominously warned before ending the segment moments later after accusing corporations of not doing enough to rebuild small businesses.

And that quote that Carlson mentioned at the very beginning of the segment? That was a paraphrase of “a riot is the language of the unheard.” What Carlson didn’t note is who first said it. It was nonviolent protest champion and Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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