Tucker Carlson Waxes Poetic About Roger Ailes: ‘A Great and Wise Man’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson fondly reminisced about his former boss, Roger Ailes, on his show Wednesday night, calling the longtime network president who resigned in July 2016 amid numerous allegations of his years-long sexual harassment and abuse of women employees: “Really a wise and great man.”

The occasion for Carlson’s stroll down memory lane at the end of his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, was his recent 50th birthday, and his 10-year anniversary of being hired by Fox News.

Prompted to tell a story by Fox News anchor Brit Hume, Carlson recalled that back when he worked at CNN, he was afraid of the famously powerful Ailes, but that he was eventually hired by Ailes: “who I wound up loving.”

Just moments after Carlson praised Ailes’ greatness and wisdom on air, fellow Fox News primetime host Laura Ingraham took the opportunity to extol the great opportunities and support system for women who work at the network.

“Tucker is one of the — we have a lot of great people at Fox News who support what women are trying to do and the advancement of young careers,” Ingraham said.

Notably, neither Carlson nor Ingraham noted the numerous lawsuits that Fox News has settled because of sexual misconduct allegations against Ailes.

Watch video above, via Fox News.

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