Twitter Blows Up Over Alan Dershowitz Being Named in Ghislaine Maxwell Docs: ‘Hope He’s on Suicide Watch’


Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Social media reaction exploded over unsealed documents in the Ghislaine Maxwell case implicating attorney Alan Dershowitz in the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking scandal.

Unredacted versions of the unsealed documents named Dershowitz as one of the men with whom underage girls were allegedly forced to have sex, a revelation that caused a tsunami of reaction from verified Twitter.

Some gloried in Dershowitz’s likely discomfort at the revelations, while other reactions pointed out his longstanding critique of statutory rape laws, and saw connections between the allegations against Dershowitz and his stalwart defense of President Donald Trump.

On Friday morning, Dershowitz tweeted that he was the one who demanded the documents be released.

That got a few responses as well.

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