Twitter Blue Checks Outraged by White House Selling Trump Coronavirus Coins — But It Wasn’t the White House

A variety of prominent Twitter users — including Senator Bernie Sanders — were fished in by a “White House Gift Shop” offer of commemorative Covid-19 pandemic coins, but the site offering the apocalyptic tchotchkes is not, in fact, affiliated with President Donald Trump or The White House.

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was among those who expressed outrage this week when “The White House Gift Shop” began selling coins commemorating Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis, causing many to believe that Trump and The White House were trying to make a crass buck.

Sanders tweeted “If the White House Gift Shop is going to produce $100 COVID-19 coins, Trump can sure as hell utilize the Defense Production Act to manufacture the gloves, gowns, and masks our medical workers desperately need.”

Sanders wasn’t the only blue check who was fooled, while others familiar with this particular phenomenon from previous rodeos tried to warn that the shop isn’t actually related to The White House at all. That’s a fascinating and convoluted story all its own that TPM’s Josh Marshall dug into a few years back.

But even skeptics like Patricia Arquette Were pretty sure Trump was the villain anyway.

The official White House Communications Agency did once release coins that bore the inscription “Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un” in advance of Trump’s summit with the North Korean dictator, but the White House has not produced coronavirus coins. Yet.

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