Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump’s Anti-CNN Toddler Video for Copyright Violation


Twitter and Facebook have removed an anti-CNN toddler video that President Donald Trump posted on those social media sites on Thursday evening, citing copyright violations for the moves.

Per CNN’s Jim Acosta, Twitter removed the video after receiving a complaint that it misused content it did not own, also know as a DMCA takedown request. Facebook did the same, after the parent of one of the toddlers who recorded the video complained.

“Twitter has decided to disable the video that was tweeted out by the president of those two toddlers, that video of the president was trying to use to make some sort of point about press coverage of racism in the U.S.,” Acosta reported to CNN Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer on Friday evening. “The social media website saying in a statement essentially on the video that has been knocked down that it violates copyright rules of the website.”

Clicking on the post now shows the anti-CNN clip has been replaced by a message that says “video not displayed. This video has been removed in response to a request from the copyright holder.”

The video in question, created by a well-known right-wing Twitter meme account, showed a re-edited a clip of toddlers reuniting, but recut the order of events and added a fake CNN chyron to attack the network as “fake news.” Roughly an hour later, Twitter added a “manipulated media” warning label to Trump’s tweet. Trump then doubled down an hour after that on Thursday night, posting a doctored video that used actual CNN footage with fake graphics to smear the network.

Earlier on Friday, CNN’s Acosta, who was personally featured in the second, doctored clip tweeted out by Trump, confronted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany over the manipulated videos and asked why it was acceptable to be “exploiting children to make some sort of crass political point.” In response, McEnany attacked CNN for bias against the president and defended the move, saying: “I think the president was making a satirical point that was quite funny if you go and actually watch the video.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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