Van Jones Reportedly ‘Not Happy’ With The View Running Roughshod Over Him: He Felt ‘Blindsided’ By Their Questions


CNN contributor Van Jones is reportedly displeased with his “unprofessional” treatment by co-hosts of The View, who ran roughshod over him during a Friday appearance.

“He felt like they were rude, and he was completely blindsided by how they questioned him,” an unnamed source told Page Six. “He was not happy about how the interview went. It was unprofessional.”

Jones, who served briefly as former President Barack Obama’s “green jobs czar,” appeared on the ABC News program to promote his documentary, The Reunited States.

Far from being a pleasant exchange, the show’s hosts pummeled Jones with accusations that he had spoken favorably about former President Donald Trump, including in October, when he said Trump had “done good stuff for the Black community.” Co-host Sunny Hostin accused Jones of being a “political opportunist” and said, “People in the Black community don’t trust you anymore.”

“I don’t think that’s true,” Jones replied. “The entire quote I said was that Trump has done a lot of good stuff he doesn’t get credit for, and I went on to say that the reason he doesn’t get credit for it is because he’s done all this horrific stuff, and it completely erases what he’s done. But what happens is, social media will take the clip, but they won’t show the full context.”

Hostin’s colleague, Ana Navarro, subsequently interrogated Jones about his willingness to contribute to work with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, whom she referred to as “Nepotism Barbie and Nepotism Ken.”

The source said co-host Meghan McCain was also taken aback. “[Van] expected a friendly environment, and I don’t think Meghan even knew there was anything controversial about him,” they said. “It was how they asked the questions that was off-putting. It was shocking how intolerant they were.”

Watch above via ABC News.

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