Virginia Beach Councilman Who Was Student During Virginia Tech Shooting: ‘We Won’t Let Fear Hold Us Back’

A Virginia Beach city councilman who was a student during the Virginia Tech shooting vowed his community would remain strong, saying “we won’t let fear hold us back.”

Speaking with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Saturday, Councilman Aaron Rouse spoke about his experience while he was a student in the wake of Friday’s shooting in Virginia that left 12 people dead.

“As a college kid, I felt helpless in the moment… Now, as a councilman, I stand before you, I am emboldened to make sure that we won’t let fear hold us back,” Rouse said. “We won’t let this moment define us. We will define our community by how we come together… how we’re going to invest in each other and our humanity.”

The Virginia Tech shooting left 32 people dead.

Rouse thanked the first responders like police officers for their quick actions during the Virginia Beach shooting.

“Virginia Beach has raised me to be who I am … I am proud to be in a position where being through this before at Virginia Tech, I can stand here and say we’re going to come together,” Rouse said.

Watch above, via CNN

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