WATCH: Actor Danny Trejo Rescued Baby from Car Crash, Says He Told Child About ‘Superpowers’


Actor Danny Trejo rescued a baby trapped inside an overturned car Wednesday.

Best known for his villainy as ‘Machete’ in “Spy Kids” and the “Machete” films, Trejo played the hero for a change when he was in the area of a two-car collision.

A young special-needs boy and his grandmother were trapped inside the overturned vehicle when Trejo crawled into the wreckage. He was unable to unbuckle the boy’s seatbelt, so a young woman crawled in from the other side and unbuckled it and Trejo pulled him out, according to ABC 7.

Trejo said while firefighters were working to free the grandmother, he distracted the boy.  Trejo told ABC 7 he works with special-needs children so he knew how to keep the little boy calm.

“I let him kind of hug me and I started talking about superpowers. He got it. Superpowers,” said Trejo on a clip featured on Fox and Friends.

“Everything good that ever happened to me has happened as direct result of helping someone else,” said Trejo.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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