WATCH: AOC and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Volunteer at Food Bank in Disaster-Stricken Texas


Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, Sylvia Garcia, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke to reporters before volunteering at a food bank in Houston in response to the ongoing winter weather disaster in Texas.

On Saturday morning, Reps. Lee, Garcia, and Ocasio-Cortez spoke to reporters for several minutes outside the Houston Food Bank before heading inside to help provide relief to Houstonians affected by the food shortages that have accompanied the deadly winter weather disaster.

Rep. Garcia praised Ocasio-Cortez for raising millions in aid to Texas, and called her a “rising star” and a “voice of conscience.”

Ocasio-Cortez spoke for several minutes, and took pains to tell residents that the food bank would provide aid “no questions asked” and regardless of immigration status. She sidestepped a question about the Republican response, instead focusing on “the leaders who are here. The women!”

Rep. Garcia said the state’s response “could be better,” and called for an investigation of the debacle.

Rep. Lee excoriated state leadership for “20 years of neglect” of vulnerable populations.

The trio then headed inside to help prep food for residents.

Ocasio-Cortez also tweeted video from inside the food bank, writing “We hit $3.2 MILLION in Texas relief support last night! One of the places it’s going is the Houston Food Bank. I’m visiting Reps. @JacksonLeeTX18 & @LaCongresista with volunteers to pack meals,” and added a link for people who want to volunteer.

This visit comes as AOC and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke have been trending on Twitter as contrasts to Senator Ted Cruz, who tried to escape to Cancun for the week while his constituents suffer.

Watch the video above via Forbes.

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