WATCH Chris Cuomo and Phil Mattingly React as Joe Biden Cuts Trump’s Michigan Lead in HALF Live on CNN


CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Phil Mattingly were momentarily flustered when former Vice President Joe Biden cut President Donald Trump’s Michigan lead nearly in half while they were doing a live update on their electoral map Wednesday morning.

Cuomo had just completed an interview with Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett, who told him that only 55 percent of the votes had been counted so far in Michigan’s largest county, and refused to be pinned down on a timetable for finishing the count.

Following that interview, Cuomo and Mattingly were gaming out county results on their “Magic Wall” map of Michigan when a shift occurred — a more than 60,000-vote Trump lead was cut to around 26,000 live on the air.

The shift caught Mattingly by surprise, as he told Cuomo “We’ll pull back out here. Look, Donald Trump just took the lead! Pull back out. Donald Trump now ahead. By 26, didn’t take the lead, sorry, it’s been a long night.”

“I was gonna say,” Cuomo said.

“The lead narrowed again,” Mattingly said, noting that more votes came in fir Biden-heavy Ingham County.

“So a little headline for you because a lot of numbers come at once, we just had a change in the state of play in Michigan, I can call it a key race alert if you want,” Cuomo said. “We just saw Ingham county which is of course blue, we just saw that a little more of the vote came in so right now they have less than 10% additional reporting to do and what did it do to the overall margin?”

“Overall margin went from in the 60s down to 26,000,” Mattingly said.

Moments later, they also reported an extension of Biden’s lead in Wisconsin to 20,000 votes.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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