WATCH: CNN Reporter Pesters Two Ohioans Until They Finally Reveal Their Votes in Highly Cringe Live Shot


CNN correspondent Gary Tuchman got a chilly reception when he grilled Ohio voters about their selections, but managed to glean that both people who were willing to talk to him intended to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Finding something to do on Election Day is a thankless task for reporters on a good day, but Election Day 2020 is not a good day. Tuchman, however, gamely reported from a polling place in Strongville, OH in the sort of segment you’re likely to see a lot of on this less-than-super Tuesday.

Things got awkward when Tuchman made his way over to the socially-distanced line and began asking people who they were voting for — a touchy question even for people who aren’t on TV and masked up against a potentially deadly infection.

Tuchman broke the ice with the first guy by shading him, asking “You had a chance to early vote, 24 days here in Ohio, that’s the camera over there by the way, how come you didn’t early vote? How come you decided to wait until today?”

“I was not decided who to vote for, I was still in the thinking process,” the man answered.

“Oh so you weren’t decided, well can I ask you a personal question?” Tuchman asked.

“Yeah, go ahead,” the man said.

“Have you decided?” Tuchman asked.

“Yes,” the man replied.

“Who have you decided on?” Tuchman pressed, failing to take all of the hints.

“Democrat,” the man replied.

“Democrat,” Tuchman said.

“Yes,” the man replied.

“Who’s the Democrat?” Tuchman asked, to which the man correctly replied, “Joe Biden.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you know who you’re voting for,” Tuchman joked, with a pause for no laughter. “I’m just joking around with you.”

Tuchman then went to ask a woman on line who she was voting for, and she completely ignored him, so he repeated the same process with the next man in line.

That interaction went the same way as the first, except when Tuchman asked “You know the guy’s name?” the man replied “Yeah,” then silently moved along with the line.

Tuchman then noted that “we try to be sensitive when we ask people who they’re going to vote for because they have every right not to tell us, but we also like to give our viewers information about who people are voting for.”

And what information it was — two votes for Biden in Ohio. Several million to go.

To all the reporters who will spend their day trying to fill air time without having anything to report, we salute you.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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