Debbie Dingell Dishes to MSNBC on Her Epic Smackdown With Marjorie Taylor Greene


Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell spoke out to MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser about her Capitol steps smackdown with a heckling Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On Saturday morning’s edition of Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report, the hosts opened with footage of Dingell shouting Greene down on the Capitol steps after MTG began heckling House Democrats about passing a bill that would codify the rights protected by Roe v. Wade.

“What’s your take on this confrontation now that you’ve had some hours to kind of digest and maybe watch that video?” Reiser asked.

“I don’t like seeing the video,” Rep. Dingell said, and then described the scene.

Some of us had been at the top of the Capitol steps. The Speaker was having a press conference actually, on Build Back Better. There are one hundred and fifty of my colleagues gathered down there. She heckled us for ten minutes. I kept biting my tongue. I didn’t say anything, but she was trying to disrupt my colleagues and the Speaker at a press conference.

She was just spewing hate and filth. And if I, look, I’m not proud. I don’t think we should yell at each other. I think we should respect each other and I think we should be civil. But I did not think it was right to be successful in disrupting that press conference or spewing the kind of hate that she was spewing. And I asked her to be civil. Not my proudest moment, but I’m tired of being bullied and I’ve been bullied at different points in my life. And you have to show a bully you’re not afraid of them.

Rep. Dingell also revealed that it was her colleagues who wrote some of her defiant follow-up tweets after the incident.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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