WATCH: Did Bill Maher Own Trump Campaign Lawyer Jenna Ellis or Did She Own Him?


Late night host and political pundit Bill Maher and Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis engaged in a battle of wits for the ages in a marathon interview on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

On Friday night, Maher spent a good 16 minutes, and depending on who you listen to, Maher used them to pwn Ellis, or was pwned by Ellis, or wasted America’s time by platforming her false Trump election fraud talking points.

The interview consisted of Ellis making false claims, Maher attempting to lead her to reality with facts like the DHS report that said the 2020 election was the mist secure in U.S. history, and Maher periodically interrupting Ellis with variations on the phrase “Stop it. Just stop it.”

At one point Maher asked Ellis “Aren’t you a little bit ashamed of how you’re denigrating the people who work so hard in the most difficult election in memory?”, and added “They worked so hard to make this come out right.”

Ellis’ reply included the rhetorical question “How much fraud is okay with you?”

She later added “It’s a great day to defend the constitution.”

So that’s pretty much how that went.

President-elect Joe Biden has defeated President Donald Trump in what Trump once characterized as an electoral college “shellacking.”

Watch above via HBO.

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