WATCH: Dueling Alarms Disrupt CNN’s Interview with Dem Rep Mike Quigley


CNN anchor Jim Sciutto and Illinois Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley had to fight through noisy disruptions at both ends of their remote interview, as CNN tested a fire alarm while Quigley had to talk over a vehicle alarm at the Capitol.

On Tuesday morning’s edition of CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, Sciutto hosted Quigley — who is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence — to discuss the breaking news that Democrats have announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Sciutto asked Quigley if Democrats have “made the case” that Trump “has violated the Constitution here,” and Quigley replied that they have.

He added that “our job now is to remind the American people why this mattered,” which is that what Trump did, in withholding aid to Ukraine, “threatens our national security.”

Sciutto asked why no Republicans have joined in impeaching Trump if the case is so strong, and Quigley reminded him that Trump “thought he could shoot somebody in the street and still maintain his popularity with his base. I think you add to the base the Republicans who are currently filing for their primaries.”

As Sciutto tried to ask Quigley another question — ironically about raising the alarm over election interference — he paused to note “if you hear that in the background, that’s a fire alarm test here in the studio, so no concern.”

At that same moment, a reverse alarm on a cart was going off at Quigley’s location, and he replied “And we have some cargo going by right now, too.”

While Quigley tried to discuss election security, the alarm on his end got really loud, but he powered through. Then on Sciutto’s end, the fire alarm test continued with three loud beeps, followed by a PA announcement.

“We’re not ready,” Quigley said of election security measures, adding “Trump-appointed DNI, former DNI Director Coats said the lights are still flashing red. Director Comey said the Russians will be back. We are not ready. And the president of the United States is moving us in the opposite direction.”

“That was a remarkable statement to hear,” Sciutto said, as the fire alarm test concluded with three more beeps, and another announcement over the PA system.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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