WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Asked for Her Civil Rights Plan, Spends 6 Minutes Not Giving One


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was asked for her plan to “undo the damage” to civil rights that has occurred under the Trump administration, and Warren delivered a lengthy response that included impeachment and “pensions” and “billionaires,” but did not include a civil rights plan.

Senator Warren held a town hall in Concord, New Hampshire on Wednesday, and the last question was about racism and discrimination in the Trump Era.

“Racism and discrimination have been empowered and enabled under the present administration, civil rights are threatened.” a woman who identified herself as Jen Cheney said, and asked “Do you have a plan to undo this damage?”

“Yes,” Warren said, then paused and added “You know, what Donald Trump has done to stir up hate in division in this country is not accidental. He actually has a strategy.”

“And the strategy is turn people against people, because if you can turn people against people, then nobody notices what’s happening when he is lining to his own pockets,” she continued. “When he is taking care of himself politically, and it’s every part of this, it’s white against black and brown, it’s Christian against Muslim, it’s straight against gay, and particularly trans. It’s everybody against immigrants particularly immigrants of color, it’s all the way through the system, just whatever he can do, just throw another, lob another firecracker, see if you can start another fire, something.”

Warren then launched into a lengthy riff on Trump’s Ukraine scandal, allegations of self-dealing, and other forms of corruption.

“The way I see this is, Donald Trump has a strategy but it has now become so open and so visible that this actually creates opportunity,” Warren said, but then explained that the opportunity was to decide “whether we are going to be a country that continues to run for the rich, for the billionaires, for the giant corporations, or whether we’re going to be a country that actually runs for the people that we live our best values every day.”

Warren added that there would be opportunities to fight for immigration, public education, pensions, and other “big ideas,” then concluded with her riff about not running a consultant-driven campaign.

The rally concluded without any mention of a plan for civil rights, but there was a selfie line.

Watch above, via ABC 13.

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