WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Awkwardly Holds April Ryan’s Hand for 14 Full Seconds As She Blows Past Statement Time Limit


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren had an awkward moment at an NAACP forum when she blew past the deadline for her opening statement, and held moderator April Ryan’s hand for a full 14 seconds as she finished up.

At the NAACP Convention’s presidential candidate forum Wednesday, Ryan explained that each candidate would be given a two-minute opening statement, and any time over the limit would be deducted from the candidate’s two-minute closing statement.

Warren was the first candidate on the roster, and she used her opening to discuss the organization’s unanimous vote to support impeaching President Donald Trump., as well as her own support for impeachment. Then, she moved on to her central message.

“I come to you at a moment of great crisis in this country, a crisis at a time when America’s working better and better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top,” Warren said.

“The central question of my life’s work has been what’s happening to working families in America?” she continued. “Why is the road getting so much rockier and so much steeper? And for families of color, even rockier and even steeper. And the answer is, it’s no accident.”

“Race lies right at the heart of this issue,” Warren said. “Look around us. Hate crimes are on the rise, the black-white wealth gap continues to increase, voting rights are undercut.”

Ryan interrupted to warn Warren “15 seconds.”

“None of that is an accident. We live in an America where the plan of the president of the United States is to turn people, working people, against working people,” Warren continued, as Ryan raised her hand to indicate her time was up.

“All right,” Ryan said.

“Let me just finish, I’ll take it at the end,” Warren said, grabbing hold of Ryan’s hand.

“Based on color, based on change, because he’s the important part,” Warren said, still grasping Ryan’s hand as Ryan’s smile dissolved into awkwardness.

“We have got to make change in this country, not little changes around the edge, big structural change, that’s why I’m in this fight,” Warren said, releasing Ryan’s hand from her grip.

Watch the clip above, via C-Span and Roland Martin.

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