Watch: Father Tearfully Describes FaceTiming with Daughter Trapped at Scene During Odessa Mass Shooting


On MSNBC, a father tearfully described FaceTiming with his daughter while she was trapped just 90 feet from the shooter during the Odessa massacre. She survived and was physically unharmed.

MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard described interviewing a number of family members of victims and those who survived the mass shooting, which ultimately killed seven people and wounded dozens more. The perpetrator was also killed by police.

In a clip played by Hillyard, one father described how his wife started to get several calls from an unknown number, but didn’t pick up.

“We checked the area code and it was Odessa and I said ‘That’s Hayden’ and next thing you know my phone rings and Hayden is on the other line: ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!'” he recalled, starting to cry. “She is describing what was going as she was messing with the phone. And the next thing I know we’re looking at the mail truck [driven by the shooter] and the one police car and we’re hearing pop, pop, pop, pop and I’m telling Hayden ‘Be calm, be strong.’ She’s describing what’s happening and she’s scared. Imagine what the parents are like on the other end of the phone watching FaceTime and it could be your daughter’s last time you see her alive.”

Authorities have now identified the name of the shooter and news reports have pointed out that this individual was recently fired from his job, but law enforcement officials have yet to assign a possible motive for the shooting.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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