WATCH: Fauci Says He’s ‘Concerned’ About Trump Administration Stonewalling Biden, Could Result in Vaccine Delays


Dr. Anthony Fauci is “concerned” that a botched transition between President Donald Trump’s administration and President-elect Joe Biden’s could result in distribution delays for coronavirus vaccines.

Appearing on the Today show Monday, Fauci — after celebrating the breaking news of the Moderna vaccine showing 94.5 percent efficacy in Phase 3 trials — expressed fear that the handoff of power from Trump to Biden could hamper the Covid-19 response effort.

“How concerned are you that the White House has still not green lighted the transition so that folks in your side of things can be talking to the incoming Biden administration?” Today host Savannah Guthrie asked.

“Obviously it’s something we’re concerned about,” Fauci said, “As you know, I’ve served in six administrations. Ao I’ve seen a number of transitions. And I know that transitions are very important to get a smooth — essentially, as I use the metaphor — essentially passing a baton without stopping running. You just want things to go very smoothly. So hopefully we’ll see that soon. Transitions are important.”

Guthrie followed up by specifically asking whether a smooth transition is “particularly critical” to vaccine distribution.

“The virus is not going to stop and call a timeout while things change,” Fauci replied. “The virus is just going to keep going. The process is just going to keep going. This is something that just is now going in the very, very strong right direction. The vaccines are effective. We want to get it approved as quickly as we possibly can. We want to get doses to people starting in December. And then we want to really get the ball rolling as we get into January, February and March. We want a smooth process with that. And the way you do that is by essentially having the two groups speak to each other and exchange information.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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