WATCH: Fox & Friends Diner Patron Literally Says He Likes Trump Because He’s A ‘Strong Man’


When Fox News host Steve Doocy asked a diner patron why he likes ex-President Donald Trump, the man cited Trump as a “strong man,” among other things.

On Friday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, Doocy conducted one of the show’s patented diner intrusion segments at Tiki 52 in Florida, hopping from table to bar to table to get the pulse of Tequestan Republicans, getting words of support for South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott from the one patron who said she’d vote for him.

Patron Randy Lundy was decked out in MAGA gear, and gave Doocy his assessment of the ex-president:

STEVE DOOCY: Audience. Everybody was for either Trump or De Santos except this lady over here at the bar. Come on in. What’s your name?

AVA: My name is Ava.

STEVE DOOCY: Ava? What are you doing here at the bar? It’s a little early for you, right?

AVA: No!

STEVE DOOCY: It’s never too early.

AVA: Alex had breakfast beer. He said he offered you breakfast beer last time you were in town.

STEVE DOOCY: That’s right. My wife and I were at this place a couple of weeks ago. So what is it you like about Tim Scott?

AVA: I’ve known Tim for about 30 years.

STEVE DOOCY: Oh, is that right?

AVA: Yes. I’m from Charleston, South Carolina.

STEVE DOOCY: He’s a great man.

AVA: He is. He’s a good Christian.

STEVE DOOCY: And when you get the chance to vote for a presidential nominee, you would vote for him?

AVA: Absolutely. And I would urge everyone to.

STEVE DOOCY: All right. Given what you’re wearing, all red, white and blue, and it says Trump, I think I know whose team you’re on.

RANDY LUNDY: Yes, sir. Randy Lundy.

STEVE DOOCY: All right. Landy. Randy. And why is it you want the former president to be the nominee this time?

RANDY LUNDY: He’s a strong man. He’s a fighter. He’s purposeful, and he’s got a proven track record in his first administration to turn everything around that we need to fix in this country.

STEVE DOOCY: All right. Very good. Let’s go on that side. And real quick, we’re going to talk to some more people. We’re a little short on time. We’re, very shortly we’re going to be out on a boat, which should be good because I don’t have a pilot’s license. Let me poll the audience here. Oh, when it comes to presidential politics, who would like to see DeSantis as president? But I would hate to see him go as governor? Oh, this guy over here, he’s pointing at his shirt. What’s your name?

JIM: Jim.

STEVE DOOCY: All right, Jim, what is it you like about the current governor?

JIM: He’s just proven himself over and over again, especially with the the pandemic. You know, he went against all advice, kept Florida open. Look, you know, you have in this county, Steve, there are 17,000 new residents of Palm Beach County this past year. So, you know, the people are voting with their feet. They’re all coming to Florida. He wants to make, you know, the U.S. like Florida, you know, and he want, he can be in there for eight years. Trump is good for four. You know, I want to see DeSantis in there for eight years. I want them to get everything straightened out.

STEVE DOOCY: All right. Very good. Thank you very much for your opion. Hey, how’s breakfast so far?

Watch above via Fox & Friends.

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