WATCH George Conway Kick Off LIVE Impeachment Coverage for MSNBC With Devastating Takedown of Republicans

Attorney George Conway, the husband of senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, kicked off MSNBC’s live coverage of the impeachment of President Donald Trump with a devastating takedown of Republicans, saying he is “horrified and appalled” by the way the GOP has handled this.

MSNBC scored quite the coup with the provocative Conway, and he did not disappoint.

Co-anchor Nicolle Wallace asked Conway to explain what it is that Trump did that was impeachable, and Conway explained a president’s duty to “faithfully execute the laws.

“When you take on that duty… you are promising to take that awesome power that’s being thrust upon you and use it for the nation’s benefit, and not for your own benefit,” Conway said, and added “And the problem with Donald Trump is he always sees himself first. Trump is all about Trump.”

He went on to say “that’s what this is all about, he’s using, he was using the power of the presidency at its most unchecked area, foreign affairs, to advance his own personal interests as opposed to the country.”

Wallace also asked Conway “Are you disappointed that Republicans don’t seem to see it that way?”

“I’m horrified, I’m appalled,” Conway replied, and added “I don’t think I could have imagined a president, any president, engaging in this sort of conduct.”

He urged Republicans to “take that Republican hat off and look at it neutrally, or look at it, look at what you would have done if Donald Trump were a Democrat. Would you be making these ridiculous arguments about process about, think of the other arguments that they’re making, …that he didn’t know it or it wasn’t corrupt, he was really talking about corruption, I mean all these things that they don’t really believe, or couldn’t possibly believe.”

“If Barack Obama had done this, they’d be out for blood. And they’d be right,” Conway said.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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