WATCH: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Swipes at NRA Over Coronavirus Lawsuit


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo cracked wise about the National Rifle Association’s lawsuit challenging the state’s lockdown during his daily coronavirus briefing Saturday.

The NRA is suing Cuomo for deeming gun stores non-essential businesses in his executive order closing businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

On Saturday morning, Cuomo was asked about the lawsuit during the briefing, and dismissed the gun group’s legal antics.

A reporter asked Governor Cuomo “You were sued on Thursday by the NRA. Do you expect more legal challenges to come challenging your executive order keeping people home, but also your anti-gathering orders?”

“I think I’ve been sued by the NRA, must be a dozen times,” Cuomo said. “I didn’t even know I was sued this time. You become sort of lawsuit immune.”

“I wish you could become immune to this virus the way I’ve become immune to NRA lawsuits,” Cuomo cracked.

“Do you still expect legal challenges though to these executive orders from more friendly sources?” he was asked.

“Yeah, as I said the other day, it’s a slow day if I don’t get sued five times. Right? State’s a great target,” Cuomo replied.

The coronavirus has prompted a record spike in gun sales throughout the United States in March that was exceeded only by the spree that followed the Sandy Hook shootings eight years ago. Firearms have not been shown to be effective in combating the Covid-19 infection.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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