WATCH: Ice Cube Dismisses Police Violence in Chris Cuomo Interview, Says ‘We’ll Be Treated Better’ When Wealth Gap Closed


Rap and film star Ice Cube dismissed police violence as a fact of Black life, and told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Black people “will be treated better once we get some capital.”

Cube has been fending off intense criticism ever since the Trump campaign announced — with his permission — that the rapper advised them on President Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black America. On Friday night, he sat for an interview on Cuomo Primetime, an interview which he had earlier announced had been cancelled but was apparently only postponed.

The bulk of the interview consisted of recapping Cube’s side of the story, which is that he’s willing to talk to anyone who will listen to his “Contract with Black America” plan, that he’s not endorsing and has never met Trump, and his claim that the Trump campaign “updated” their plan based on their conversations with him. He did not tell Cuomo which updates to the “Platinum Plan” reflect the CWBA.

One thing that stood out in the interview was the portion in which Cuomo challenged Cube about Trump’s handling of police violence.

“So, acutely we’ve been looking at what happens when policing goes wrong in communities,” Cuomo said, and asked “It doesn’t give you concern that the president has handled police violence the way he has in terms of his commitment to work on any of the issues that you think are important?”

“We’ve been dealing with police violence in this country from day one, so police violence is just part of our life here,” Cube replied, and added that “once we get some capital we’ll be treated better.”

“This is a capitalistic society, and if you ain’t got no money, you see how people get treated on the streets when they ain’t got no money,” he continued, as Cuomo interjected “Not just money, wealth. You got to be able to build up wealth within the community.”

“Yeah, you know to put it in greater terms, but bottom line is, dollars bringing dignity, and so everybody in America knows that,” Cube said.

While the wealth gap is real and a subject of widespread political agreement, there is copious evidence that wealth does not insulate Black people from police violence and racial profiling. Just last week, Lindsey Graham was trying to prove some kind of a point at a debate when he noted that Senator Tim Scott has been stopped six times by the Capitol Police since he’s been a U.S. senator.

You can read Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America” here, Trump’s one-page “Platinum Plan” here, and Joe Biden’s 28-page “Lift Every Voice: The Biden Plan for Black America” here.

Watch the interview above via CNN.

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