WATCH: Indianapolis Woman Arrested For Alleged Drunk Driving Car On Frozen Canal Before Plunging into Icy Water


A 33-year-old woman is behind bars after driving drunk down a frozen canal in Indianapolis on Sunday night, eventually cracking through the ice into the water beneath.

According to local news station WTHR 13, the woman drove down an embankment onto the frozen canal around 10 p.m.

She continued driving until her car broke through the ice. She was helped out of the vehicle by various bystanders and, according to WTHR 13, waited in a nearby hotel lobby until first responders arrived.

Video of the incident has since gone viral on TikTok garnering more than 10 million views, with a video shared by @rachelbowling2 showing the car gliding down the canal, alarming bystanders who had been ice skating on the frozen canal.

“Yeah, definitely get to the side here,” an unidentified voice said on the video as they began to watch the car making its way closer to them.

“That’s so ballsy,” they added.

“You can see it shaking,” said another bystander.

“Do you think he knows it’s thawed down there?” asked another.

The Indianapolis Fire Department was called in to help at the scene and uploaded photos of the car to their Twitter account.

According to the WTHR 13, the woman told firefighters that she was simply following her GPS when it instructed her to follow the route into the canal.

Despite her explanation, Gleason was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Watch above via rachelbowling2 on TikTok.

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