Watch Jesse Watters Blast Dems, Media for ‘Fake Recession’ Talk, Then Admit Trump’s Trade War Threatens Economic ‘Short-Term Pain’


At the start of his weekend show, Fox News host Jesse Watters blasted Democrats and the media for “fake recession” fearmongering, but then minutes later admitted “maybe it’s worth it for short-term pain for long-term gain” when discussing President Donald Trump’s ongoing economic trade war with China.

Watters played two clips — one of left-wing comedian Bill Maher openly rooting for a recession, the other an MSNBC report that pointed to slowing economic growth and that recessions are a natural part of the economic cycle — as proof that their is a broad campaign to undermine the economy under Trump.

“The Democratic Party in order to win, they’re trying to cause a recession. Russia didn’t work. Mueller didn’t work. And now we have the fake recession that they’re trying to create,” Watters said. “These people are sick. They are. And it’s really stunning.”

“They don’t care,” agreed guest and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. “They’re not about the truth and that’s what — I find it frustrating I don’t know about you. But the left doesn’t really care about truth here. They’re not only distorting reality and not operating with integrity that is fundamental to our craft. They are outright lying.”

But just minutes later, when Dobbs began to bring up the fact that the bond yield curve has inverted — a fiscal precursor to every recession in the past 50 years — Watters quickly cut him off.

“We don’t say, we can’t say yield curve on Watters World,” he interjected.

Watters then pivoted to Trump’s “I am the chosen one” comment made earlier in the week after the press asked him about the volatility caused by his trade war with China. And in doing so, Watters backed into admitting what many economists are saying: Trump’s ongoing tit-for-tat tariff fight with China does threaten the nation’s economic health.

“So you know, the president could have done nothing on China. He could have kept the status quo,” Watters said. “And maybe he would have had a bigger Dow and less volatility in the marketplace and maybe kick the can down the road for next president and decided to take on China because it was a long time coming. And maybe it’s worth it for short-term pain for long-term gain.”

This subtle, but unmistakalbe reversal by Watters from his “fake recession” criticism just minutes before passed by without comment, however, as Dobbs turned right back to blasting Democrats and the press.

“The only way of the left wing media would quit attacking this man baselessly, viciously, would be if he was as inert as Barack Obama through his presidency. That is what they’re demanding. They’re finding that this president is indeed basically he’s told them to ‘Go to hell, we’re going to play on my terms.’ And that you are a bunch of ignorant fools by the way they prove that.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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