WATCH: Jim Jordan Says Trump Should Not Be Impeached Because … The History of Flight


Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan wound up his speech on the floor of the House in strange fashion, somehow connecting his opposition to the impeachment of President Donald Trump to… the history of flight.

As the House of Representatives debated whether to impeach Trump a second time, this time for his incitement of the Capitol insurrection, Jordan rose to voice his opposition. And in the climax of his speech, the legislator name-checked the Wright Brothers, Chuck Yeager, and the Moon.

“Think about this,” Jordan said. “Think about this, in 1903, in Kitty hawk North Carolina, two guys fly this thing they called a plane a hundred feet. Barely got off the ground. Barely got off the ground. Amazing thing. 44 years later, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier.”

“In 44 years we go from two guys flying a contraption they called a plane a few hundred feet to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier,” Jordan said.

Chuck Yeager’s contraption was also called a plane.

“And 22 years after that, 22 years after that another American steps on the moon. Think about it,” Jordan said, the name of Neil Armstrong’s contraption apparently escaping him. “In one lifetime, in 66 years, two guys flying a hundred feet to putting a man on the moon.”

“That’s what this country is capable of. That’s what we can do,” Jordan said, before going on to add “So I hope, I hope we defeat this, I hope we can begin to come together and recognize the greatness of the American people and focus on the things they want us to focus on.”

There was immediate and confused reaction on Twitter.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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