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WATCH: Joe Biden Claps Back at Bernie Sanders’ Claim Trump Will ‘Eat His Lunch’ in General Election

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had a quick rejoinder for Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ claim that President Donald Trump will “eat [Biden’s] lunch” in the general election.

Senator Sanders sat for an interview with The Los Angeles Times that was published Thursday, and in which Sanders asserted he was not there to attack Biden right before attacking him in the next breath.

Sanders was asked “What do you say to voters who worry that in a general election a candidate as far to the left as you are is gonna alienate swing voters and moderates and independents?”

At the tail end of his lengthy response, Sanders said Joe Biden is a personal friend of mine, so I’m not here to, you know, to attack him.”

“But my God, if you are, if you’re a Donald Trump and you got Biden having voted for the war in Iraq, Biden having voted for these terrible, in my view, trade agreements, Biden having voted for the bankruptcy bill. Trump will eat his lunch,” Sanders said.

Biden was asked about Sanders’ remark in Iowa on Friday by CBS News correspondent Bo Erickson.

“Senator Sanders said that with your vote on the Iraq War and trade, President Trump will eat your lunch in the general election,” Erickson said, and asked “Will he eat your lunch?”

“Tell him to come and I’ll give him some dessert at the White House,” Biden replied with a smile.

“Who, President Trump?” Erickson asked.

“Sanders,” Biden said.

Can fist names be far behind?

Biden and Sanders each have a claim to general election success, as they both poll best in head-to-head matchups with Trump. Biden consistently outperforms Sanders versus Trump nationally by narrow margins, although Sanders does better than Biden in certain state polls.

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